What is This Tree Doing in the House?!

Lola our Airedale is 3 years old, and has only experienced 3 Christmases so it's quite exciting to see how she reacts when we bring a big green tree that usually lives outside into the house.  The look on her fluffy face is priceless, 'what are you doing with that?!' 
We have managed to obtain a lovely big old lovely wooden cable reel which comes with a lovely red makers stamp on (more detailed photos of this later) and Davy thought it would be a great idea to put the tree on.  I went ahead and did this myself last night because I couldn't wait until he was back at the weekend!
I think we have been a bit adventurous on the size and as you can see from the below picture it is touching the ceiling- oops.

As well as all the festiveness the orders are coming in thick and fast, another caddy was shipped to London yesterday, all gift wrapped.

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