New in store!

We have been working on some new products and these are available via our Etsy store

 Rustic finish bath caddy, these can be made to fit any bath size and are perfect to put a nice glass of wine and a candle on.  Designed to aid relaxation!

Patchouli candle range. Available in Travel, medium and muckle size.  Patchouli helps to get over the feeling of sadness and helps fill the mind with thoughts of new hope. Inhaling the oil helps stimulate the release of pleasure hormones like serotonin and dopamine, banishing feelings of anxiety, anger and sadness.

This wonder oil helps put the spark back in the bedroom by stimulating oestrogen and testosterone.
For centuries this has been used by merchants to keep insects such as moth away from silks and precious fabrics.

 Recipe book stand. 
this has been lovingly made from reclaimed wood and designed to be distinctive.

Dark hardwood wooden bath caddy.

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