Northumberland Day Out

We've been living in Northumberland for around 4 months now, Davy was born and bread here but I am from the lakes and never really ventured east but this county is gorgeous, some say Britain's best kept secret.

I love doors especially when they are full of character, it gives you an insight of what the home is like inside.
I wonder if the heads above this door are of the lord and lady that built the house and became the first residents?

This is Allen Mill or what is left of it.  It use to be an old smelting mill powered by the force of the river.
Bardon Mill is close by, the chimney has a plaque on it to say it was built in the 1920's but this must of been a later add on as the mill started making pottery in 1878.  Before that lay a woollen mill but this was destroyed by a fire made by a one-legged employee with a grudge!
One of the kilns

We topped off the day with a nice drink sat outside the anchor in Haydon Bridge with it's stunning view of the Tyne.

Langley Castle -  those windows!

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