Lola's Bed and Kirkstall Abbey

I took Lola for a walk around Kirkstall Abbey in Leeds last week.  A medieval cistercian ruin - no thanks to Henry VIII!

 Walking round the place you do get the feeling of how grand it use to be, once inhabited by monks now is the home to various types of birds.

Lovely to see some snow drops along the bank of the river, the first sighting for me this year!

Another thing I wanted to mention was Lola's bed, I have posted a few pictures on Instagram but I wanted to shout out about how clever the design is...

Lola is a pretty big pooch, an Airedale terrier (king of the terriers although in her case queen, she really is a madam at times), so since moving into our rental we have struggled to really find the best place to put her dog bed.  At first it sat at the bottom of the stairs but it was just getting in the way of the front door and it wasn't really a nice safe haven that it should be for her.

So Davy, being the clever one that he is suggested we put her under the table in the kitchen, seen as it isn't really a table we sit and eat at (we have a separate dining table for that) its more an extension of worktop.  But this table has pretty chunky legs so Davy designed it so it fit perfectly by cutting leg shape corners.

I wanted to make it really comfy for her, so I bought a coffee sack off eBay and filled it full of sheep wool (the type you get for eco packaging) and I quite often find that she has taken herself to bed when she feels like a kip or a bit of me time!

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