A Run Around Northumberland With Lola

So it's less then 3 weeks until we go away to Marrakech on holiday, I've left it a bit late to get the dream bikini body but something is better then nothing non?!
I've been a seldom runner for a few years now, I've never really found it easy, some people are born to run, not me, but I do love the feeling after I've completed one, the health benefits are definitely to be reaped.
Since moving here running is no longer so much of an urban chore, I'm not sure if it's because every run is an adventure and I'm not doing the same mundane route.  Sorry this is the second 'Northumberland is my new beau' post but it really does make my heart beat.  Today's run was a good 10.5k but a slow one (1hr 41) because I kept stopping to catch my breath and soak up the views. Here's some pics to share...

 Acomb Hall in the distance
 Rapeseed as far as the eye can see, I just wanted to dive in this field, the smell was immense!
 These cheeky calves, so curious. Lola was too, she's not met that many.

 a lot of Northumberland was regularly under attack from Scotland so had means of defence built to protect livestock.

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